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Lutetia Injection Tenderising

Lutetia Injection Tenderising

The range of LUTETIA injectors

  • Injection: ham on the bone, ham, shoulder, bellies, sides, hocks, whole chickens, pieces of beef, turkey breasts, turkey thighs, tuna loins, salmon fillets, cod
  • Injecting / Tenderizing: ham, shoulder, pieces of beef, turkey breast
  • Injection / Tenderizing / Lacerating: ham, shoulder, pieces of beef, turkey breast

For lower as for higher injection percentages, for products with or without bone, for delicate products, the LUTETIA injector-tenderizers are suitable for all your processes.

Robust, reliable and efficient LUTETIA injector/tenderisers are in demand by a great number of professionals. More than one thousand injectors are installed worldwide.

  • Technical Specifications

    Injection Head

    This includes the injection chamber, the stripping plate and the needles. The needle characteristics vary depending on the product to be processed.

    • 2mm diameter hypodermic needles for delicate products (fish fillets, certain poultry pieces)
      3-4 mm needles with a lateral perforation for boned meat and loins of large fish (ham, bellies, pork or tuna loins)
      3-4.5mm diameter retractable needles for products with bones (hocks, ham on the bone)

    The head movement is assured by a fixed speed crank shaft.

    Blade Head

    The blade head supports large number of knives from 3-8 mm wide which are guided by a 30mm thick polyethylene plate. LUTETIA has developed mixed heads for injection and tenderizing in which needles and knives are alternated. Tenderizing heads adapted for meat destined for transformation (e.g. marinated meat) have also been developed.

  • Benefits

    Technology mastered:

    • The injection rate is controlled in real time by the pressure (LUTETIA innovation; active pressure) for injections from 5% to more than 100%

    Hygiene and accessibility:

    • All covers open completely
      Injection heads and conveyor belt easily removed without tools
      Improved ergonomics for optimal cleaning (LUTETIA innovation: swivel panel)


    • Improvement in yield
      Quality and regularity of blade tenderizing
      Good preparation for massaging


    • Complete line "injection - tenderizing and/or lacerating" with possibility for integrated loading / unloading
      Innovative injection heads :
      Products with bone
      Micro injection
      Micro tenderizing - Mixed needles
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