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REX MC 3-3 and RHP 240 - Minced Meat Portioning Lines

REX MC 3-3 and RHP 240 - Minced Meat Portioning Lines

Complete line solution

The REX mincer portion line range developed by REX is designed to meet all industrial requirements. The modular system is quickly and easily adapted to a customer's specific requirements. This makes the REX minced meat line a most cost-effective line solution, without compromising the product quality.


The final perforated disc in the MC 3-3 is adapted individually to the end customer’s mould size. Product widths range from 60 to 220 mm with a very wide selection of final granulation grades. A special final perforated disc can be used to portion multiple rows of Cevapcici on paper, for example.

The precutting process is extremely important in the production of minced meat. The pre-cut charge is exactly portioned by the filling machine and then given its final granulation grade and product size in the meat filler mincer MC 3-1 and MC 3-3. The ability to adjust the drive speed of the filling mincer separately ensures a perfect cut.


The independent servo drive of the filling mincer, set and monitored via the touchscreen controls of the filling machine, makes it possible to adjust the cutting speed appropriate to the respective portion size. The minced meat portioner RHP 240 completes the line. It is linked to the filling machine and attached to the minced meat filling mincer MC 3-3. In that way, it conveys the processed product flow and cuts portions exactly to size, resulting in a very high level of product precision. The speed of the two independently operating conveyor belts can easily be adjusted to the product flow.


The advantages at a glance

  • Equipment simple to operate
  • Free-flow technology delivers a perfect product image
  • Optimum product flow minimizes product warming
  • Very exact portioning of +/- 1 %
  • Paper dispenser for different product sizes
  • Perfect, quickly and simple system synchronization when linked to a line


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