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Our Global Partners

Focus Trading is proud to be partnered with global leaders in food processing machinery and equipment. Our strong relationships with our partners allow us to continue to provide unparalleled knowledge, experience and service to our customers throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.

For over 25 years, Cliptechnik have proudly been working with and supplying meat and sausage manufacturers with high-quality clip closure technology worldwide. 

Cliptechniks product range is suitable from independent butchers to large industrial productions for both human and animal consumption products. 

Cliptechnik delivers clip closure technology of all sized to best suit any businesses production.


Fessmann has been supplying machinery and equipment for processing meat sausage and fish products for over 90 years with a distinctive pioneering spirit, unfailing power of innovation, and an unconditional customer focus. With less weight loss, fast process times and high profitability, we choose Fessmann for cooking, curing and cooling systems and our customers appreciate the consistently reliable product.


HITEC CO.LTD., develops, manufactures, sells and supports sausage and ham stuffing systems. Hitec has created original machines based on extensive research and advanced technology.


Koncept Tech ApS supplies Wolfking®, CFS®, GEA®, Krämer + Grebe® and Simo® wear parts and spare parts for grinders, mixers, pumps and other machines in the global food, pet food and cheese processing industries.


Focus Trading as Mado’s Australian primary importer can offer you the best advice and after-sales service for all Mado products. MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years.

Mado machines have been built to the highest European standards and undergo rigorous real-world testing before they enter production. It is this commitment to innovation that sets Mado products apart in the meat processing sector. With quality checks throughout the production process, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will receive the finest German engineered machinery every time. All Mado products comply with the EU Machinery directive 2006/42/EC and bear the test mark of the relevant professional committees.

Mado's product range is suitable for work with small butchers and up to industrial size output and bulk portioning and packaging solutions. If you would like to know more about Mado’s product range browse the section below or contact Focus Trading Australia.


From the start, Menozzi Luigi has been dedicated to technological innovation, trying to always produce machinery of the highest quality, to satisfy the needs of each customer In fact, the main characteristic of Menozzi is their capability of offering custom made technological solutions for manufacturing cooked or seasoned meat products.


Focus Trading and Mohn Hygiene Solutions bring some of the best German designed and manufactured hygiene solutions to the Australian market. These precision-engineered products meet the highest specifications when it comes to safety and hygiene practices in the EU and around the world. All Mohn systems offer superior quality, efficiency, and ease of use. They use high-quality materials which makes their products extremely reliable and durable enough to stand the test of time in any heavy use manufacturing environment.

Combine this commitment to quality with Focus Trading Australia's industry knowledge and renowned after-sales service and you've got a combination that you can trust to deliver on time every time. 


Better, easier, more economical – the cutting technology claims made by MHS are as short as they are concise. For over 25 years MHS-Schneidetechnik GmbH has been one of the most innovative international manufacturers of cutting technology for the food industry. 

Founded in 1988, MHS initially specialised in meat slicing machinery. The demand quickly also came from the bakery industry for equally high-quality machinery for cutting bread. 

With innovative ideas and top quality, MHS became one of the world's leading manufacturers of meat and bread cutting machines for use in trade and industry sectors.

The close proximity to customers and the personal contact and exchange enable MHS to consistently listen to new requirements, needs and wishes, and rapidly meet with these. In this way, innovations are realised within a very short space of time, in close cooperation with the customers.

It is the aim of MHS to remain the pioneer of innovations, quality, hygiene and service. MHS cutting machines are regularly tested by external test laboratories for safety and hygiene, and therefore fulfil the strict European safety standards.

Through the combination of superb cutting quality, high throughput capacities, individually adjustable slicing thicknesses and a comprehensive range of machines, MHS offers the ideal solution for every user. 


New Diamond / JAW FENG MACHINERY has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Either in further processing, vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, or vacuum sealing our comprehensive offering includes hundreds of products that enable us to custom tailor equipment solutions that meet the production line objectives, labour goals, and budget constraints of our customers.


REX technologie is an internationally leading manufacturer of portion filling systems.

scansteel foodtech

scansteel foodtech Group is among the World's most innovative manufacturers of food preparation machinery, equipment, and complete processing lines and solutions for the global food processing industry. The main focus is on the global meat, poultry, and cheese processing industries, as well as on the global pet food, rendering, and fur industry.


Titan Slicers are carving out a big reputation internationally backed by the fact they guarantee the Precision Design, Quality Materials, and Lasting Performance of every Titan that leaves the workshop!

All Titan Slicers meet the demanding criteria set down by today’s global food processing industry so you can Trust Titan Technology – every time!

From small machines such as the Titan Compac, requiring just nine square feet of floor-space, to the powerful Titan 1200 slicing system used by the world’s largest-volume processes, Titan Slicer can provide machinery, technical support and 24-7 servicing suited to a vast range of processor needs.

Titan Slicer is backed up by 25 years of experience. With the ability to manufacture virtually every component of our machines in-house, we are uniquely positioned to custom design a slicing system to suit your specific requirements.

As our machines are designed to work efficiently with any packaging machinery, Titan is the practical choice to assist with the custom design of your entire production line.


Focus Trading as Webomatics Australian primary importer can offer you the best advice and after-sales service for all Webomatic products. Webomatic has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets, and gastronomy for over 50 years.

The packaging machines of WEBOMATIC, Bochum, Germany, produce modern and hygienic vacuum packs both for the industrial processing as well as for the end consumer at the POS.

Designed for transport packages is the chamber belt machine WBM 1350-II. It can seal large cheese blocks, for example, weighing up to 40 kg for the further ripening or transport of the cheese. The bi-active sealing with sealing wires of 12 mm width ensures an absolute safe sealing over the complete length of the sealing bars, which is 1350 mm. The feeding machine and discharge machines can be synchronized with the chamber belt machine.

The WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines, too, are employed for the processing industry. Film width of up to 620 mm and repeat lengths of up to 800 mm with the large machine APS ML 7100, as well as the variety of applicable film types, realise the industrial usage.

The thermoforming machines are also designed for creating superior consumers’ packs for the supermarket. A variety of techniques, be it different forming and cutting techniques, embossings, or labellings, not only create very individual packages which enable the easy recognition of the dairy product brand on the shelf. WEBOMATIC also emphasizes aids for opening a pack easily, such as pre-slotting the peel corners or equipping them with nipples or dimples. In order to re-close an opened pack safely and thus prolonging the freshness of the product, the top film can be formed to snap into the bottom film mould.

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