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Pet Food Production

Pet Food Production in Australia is steadily growing to meet the consumer demand. In 2019, a revenue of over $2 billion was recorded. With a growing industry, and strong consumer demand for a quality product, Focus Trading is proud to offer solutions for clients in the Pet Food Processing industry. We work with clients to add value to the product and efficiency to the production.
Our global partner scansteel foodtech is very experienced in developing machinery for use in both dry and wet pet food production lines. Their range of machinery is highly competent within the meat and bone raw material preparation segment, such as, but not limited to, whole pallet crushers, grinders for fresh and frozen meat and bone raw material, mixers, vacuum mixers, pumps for all applications, pump and hopper fed emulsifiers, batching and weighing stations, and silo systems for all types of Pet Food applications.
Whilst scansteel foodtech offer a great range of machinery ready to be assembled, we often work with our clients and scansteel foodtech to develop tailor-made solutions, suitable for any production, to ensure optimal results for every client.
The following images are from a wet pet food demonstration conducted by scansteel foodtech, to deliver a complete production line requiring:
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