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Our instant asset write off!

In response to COVID-19, the Australian government has extended the instant asset write-off to $150,000. We are working with many customers and partners to assist small businesses who are using this opportunity to invest in new machinery and equipment.

With only a month before the end of the financial year, time is running out to order and install new machinery and equipment. We are encouraging all of our customers to think about future investments and machinery upgrades that will provide a competitive advantage. Customers seeking a competitive advantage should be thinking about increasing value or efficiency to their production. For example, our Fessmann Smokehouses add value (flavour) to products (pet food, small goods, cooked product) and provide this at a significant efficiency advantage.

With a $150,000 instant tax write off, this end of the financial year might be the right time for small businesses thinking of investing and expanding to purchase equipment and machinery.

If this is something you have been thinking about, I strongly encourage you to contact us or reply so we can arrange further information as time is running out. All of our products can be viewed via our website below or simply reply to this email with any inquiries.


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