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Fessmann Ti3000 - Industrial Smoking System

Fessmann Ti3000 - Industrial Smoking System

SKU: Ti3000

The Ti3000 industrial system generates 1.5 % more yield than other systems while maintaining the proven FESSMANN quality. Manufactured from all stainless steel and in steam-tight panel construction, the Ti3000 can be used for universal applications and specific demands. The central unit technology also makes it a flexible and cost-saving system with the highest air circulation capacities and short process times.

Benefit from higher system capacities and a reduced weight loss. New ventilation technology with central air recirculation ensures effective processing and unrivalled speed in smoking times with even faster drying times. At the same time, it provides a high degree of drying, optimal flavour and highest quality. The Ti3000 is the ultimate all-rounder for meat and fish processing.

It performs complete manufacturing processes with heating, drying, reddening, smoking, roasting, baking, hot-air cooking and cooking processes as well as optional shower cooling and cooling/dehumidification functions. The intelligent control FOOD.CON is intuitive and precirse in operation and allows 99 different product programmes and even cold smoking processes to be stored.


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  • Benefits

    • Panel construction and central unit technology for top air flow and process performance
    • More flexibility in realizing custom product requirements thanks to stepless fan speed adjustment
    • Higher system capacities due to faster process times = higher yield
    • Compatible with all types of feed trolleys for industrial use
    • Use of “extra long” feed trolleys and transport frames
    • Automatic door opener as standard feature
    • Automatic CIP cleaning system as standard feature
  • Technical Specifications

    Ti30001)   Ti3000/3 Ti3000/4 Ti3000/5 Ti3000/6
    Standing surface HP (W × D) cm 151 x 356 151 x 466 151 x 576 151 x 686
    Height at the heating type EL/HP, body cm 273 273 273 273
    Height at the heating type gas/oil, body cm 273 - - -
    Minimum room height EL/HP cm 450 450 450 450
    Recommended room height EL/HP cm 500 500 500 500
    Smoke trolley dimensions (H × W × D) cm 198 x 104 x 102 198 x 104 x 102 198 x 104 x 102 198 x 104 x 102
    Max. stick length cm 100 100 100 100
    HEATING OUTPUTS          
    Connection value at HP-heating kW 135 180 225 270
    Connection value at EL-heating kW 118,8 158,4 158,4 -

    1) These are overview values not to be used for constructional use.
    The complete sizes and energy connections can be taken from the respective applicable dimension sheets.
    HP = high-pressure steam heated, EL = electrically heated, Oil = oil-heated, Gas = gas-heated

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