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Fessmann TFi3000 - Autovent Cooking System

Fessmann TFi3000 - Autovent Cooking System

SKU: TFI3000

The TFi3000 Autovent is a true efficiency-wonder! The patented procedure for low-pressure steam cooking without any fans at all, in combination with automated work processes, reduces the operating costs to a minimum. Cooling of the products in the closed system, directly subsequent to heat treatment, also ensures ideal hygiene conditions and increases durability.


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  • Benefits

    • Production just-in-time, controllable process with reproducible work processes
    • Automatic transport system
    • Much lower germ formation and contamination – for longer durability
    • Short cooking times and weight loss reduced by up to 15%
    • Temperature difference across the system no more than 1 °C
    • Uniform products at maximum quality due to turbulences and air velocities up to 200 m/s
    • Very low maintenance and operation costs thanks to dispensing with fans
    • Long service lives due to stainless steel construction and steam-tight welding all-round
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