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Lutetia Massaging System

Lutetia Massaging System

Principal applications:

  • Salting : produced meat, bellies, poultry fillets, blocks of meat, squid ...
  • Marinating : meat, poultry, fish..


Multi-industry applications:

  • Defrosting : produced meat, bellies, poultry fillets, blocks of meat, squid ...
  • Cooking / Rehydrating : meat for ready-made meals, starchy foods, tripe products...
  • Smoking
  • Cooling / Freezing / Coating : food products
  • Proactivation : of meat products


With more than 8000 units sold worldwide, LUTETIA is the reference for massagers in the world.

Today, thanks to a series of technical advances, the massager is used in applications as varied as defrosting, salting, seasoning, impregnating, marinating, rehydration, cooking, smoking, cooling, freezing and cryogenic coating.

  • Technical Specifications

    The key to Massaging performance

    To meet the necessary quality required by the food industry, LUTETIA has chosen the best technical components available on the market in order to produce a high performance machine, robust and profitable for your type of production.

    The LUTETIA blade (Exclusive to LUTETIA) specifically designed to ensure :
    - a homogeneous mixture
    - respect for product integrity
    - optimisation of the product links on the surface and at the core

    Optimal management of the vacuum and temperature: swivel connections for continuous vacuum and steam entry

    Variable capacity stainless steel drum with the possibility of a double envelope

    Control your production parameters

    The IP 65 control panel houses all the power elements, for control and overload protection :

    • PLC (timer, speed, temperature, functions ...)
    • Speed control by inverter

    Depending on the application, the following elements may be added :

    • Vacuum Sensor
    • Weight control: real time control
    • Temperature control
    • Rev counter
    • Infa-red temperature sensor
  • Benefits

    Exclusive paddle design : designed in such a way as to obtain the best results in terms of homogeneity, no matter what type of product and application.

    Manufactured to European standards : Our massagers have passed all conformity tests required in Europe and in North America for health and safety.

    Fully automated production management : LUTETIA has designed several levels of automation: A local level via a programmer to control "cycle" parameters (time and speed of rotation, temperature and vacuum, ...).

    Remote control via a PLC for computerised management of each piece of equipment (parameters, data input, traceability).

    Easy cleaning : The design of the drum and the paddle as well as improving the cleaning hatch ensures maximum sanitary safety.

    Rationalised loading : The pneumatic loader as the system for aspiration under vacuum through an auto-centred connector where the conveyor system provides rapid and easy loading.

    Pioneer in vacuum massaging (process patented in 1976), the LUTETIA massager makes use of all the vacuum techniques to give the best results.

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