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The classic craft machine - the ideal stuffing machine for the sausage kitchen.


In its device class, the OPTIMO 2 sets new standards in performance, ease of cleaning and hygiene. All areas of use in meat production can be optimally covered by two speeds of the worm screw and the return to relieve the cutting set. Frozen material is effortlessly processed with the OPTIMO 2. A separation set for sorting out cartilage and tendons is available on request. The standard ejector disassembles the screw and cutting set. The shell, which is inserted seamlessly into the casing, holds a net volume of approx. 80 liters. All machine parts, including the cutting set, are made of "stainless steel" and can be cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner. The cleaning effort is reduced to a minimum.

  • Accessories


    • 1 tamper
    • 1 extraction tool for snail
    • 1 key to loosen the lock nut
  • Technical Specifications

    • Type of current 400 volts, 50 Hz three-phase current
    • Motor power 5.0 / 6.0 kW
    • Footprint 830 x 1000 mm
    • Machine height 1,143 mm
    • Filling bowl approx. 80 liters
    • Weight about 250 kg
    • Hourly output approx. 1400 kg (depending on the product)
    • Special voltage possible on request.
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