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MHS 2000

MHS 2000

Powerful. Versatile. Productive.

The powerful Multi-Purpose Dicers MHS 2000 are multi-talents for Supermarkets and meat processing plants. Ideal for cutting cubes, thin stripes and slices of sausages, meat as well as vegetable and many other products. The double chamber systems facilitates simultaneous loading and slicing.



  • MHS 2000: up to 2000 kg/h
  • Up to 800 cuts/minute
  • Automatic start by closing slider



  • Visual signal for loading readiness
  • Double chamber system with simultaneous machine loading and slicing
  • Ergonomic single-hand operation of longitude slider
  • Outfeed conveyor belt for product discharge in 200 liter trolley



  • 4-side pre-compression (optionally)
  • Forward feed mode selectable, continuous or step by step
  • Longitudinal pre-compression adjustable
  • Reinforced grid with 4-fold suspension for hardest workload



  • Integrated lift for E-boxes
  • Use of slicing disc for slicing stripes or slices
  • Processing of cheese with special cutting grids (optionally available)


More information via MHS-Schneidetechnik.

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