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REX Conveyor Belt FB 100

REX Conveyor Belt FB 100

The universal conveyor

The universal conveyor belt is used to move the products on after shaping. It can be used in conjunction with the hamburger portioning, the sausage meat cutter, the dumpling shaper or other appliances. The conveyor belt mounted on wheels is hygienic and made completely from stainless steel. The belt speed is infinitely adjustable. In addition, a flattening belt can be fitted to the top of the conveyor belt to flatten the products coming out of the dumpling shaper or the hamburger moulder. A further option is to fit the conveyor belt with a side rail and a scraper.


The belt with a length of 100 cm and a width of 32 cm provides a spacious area for the transport of the products. The height level can be changed and thus easily and uncomplicated to adjust to any use.


The advantages at a glance

  • Belt easy to operate and adjust
  • Unique hygiene design for easy and fast cleaning
  • Versatile application range
  • Flattening belt fitted as an option
  • Efficient working process


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