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REX Dumpling Shaper RKF

REX Dumpling Shaper RKF

For formal perfection

TThe REX RKF meatball former is part of the REX-Forming line making it possible to shape diverse raw materials. With absolutely no adaptions the RKF meatball former can be attached to every REX Vacuum filling machine.  With the renowned REX quality the RKF meatball former is guaranteed to produce optimum shaping with no adverse effect on product quality. The REX RKF meatball former is mounted on its own frame and requires its own power supply. It attaches directly to the REX Vacuum Fillers to the filling outlet. The electronic control is performed by using the control panel on the vacuum filler. 


The vacuum filler removes all the air out of the product and is then evacuated in the in-feed system. It is then divided into exact portions to match the weight required by the customer and sent out and through the RKF meatball machine head. 

the RKF meatball formers heads are available in a diverse range of sizes and forms to suit most customers, they are easily adjusted, installed and swapped without complication onto the meatball former. 


The advantages at a glance

  • Perfect shaping
  • Simple attachment to the filling machine
  • Exact product weights
  • Increase in productivity
  • Easy handling


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