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REX Forcemeat Cutter BA 40 and BA 65

REX Forcemeat Cutter BA 40 and BA 65

The REX-Forcemeat cutter BA 40 and BA 65 as an additional attachment in the REX-Forming Line are excellently suited for cutting all sorts of filling materials in a casingless condition. It can be attached to the outlet of the REX-filling machine without any great effort. The pneumatic knife at the end of the filling tube cuts the portions into the desired length.


After connecting the forcemeat cutter to the filling machine outlet, only the electronic connection needs to be provided by means of clip plugs.The parameters are deposited in a programme and store in the filling machine.


Different diameter filling pipes can be attached. The FB 100 conveyor belt can be use to transport the cut product. Into combination with the REX-conveyor belt FB 100 a fully-functional line is available.


The forcemeat cutter is suited for cutting of the process media: 

  • Various types of sausage meat e.g. "Cevapcici”
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Types of dough
  • Soup granules


Watch video.


Watch video.


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