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REX RHS 230 - Hanging System

REX RHS 230 - Hanging System

Makes hanging easy

The RHS 230 by REX is the effective solution to hang the sausages immediately after the calibrating unit RKS 85 or directly from the casing holder of the vacuum stuffer. From there, the twisted-off sausage chain is taken up immediately by the hooks of the RHS and hung, to allow their removal with the smoke bar.


The RHS 230 is height-adjustable and thus easy to set to the height of the vacuum filler or the RKS 85.

The RHS 230 is fitted with a servo drive which is driven and controlled via the touchscreen controls of the filling machine. It can thus be easily adjusted to the product and the respective portion size, thus guaranteeing very short downtimes for changeover and adjustments. Depending on the length of the casing or the product, different-sized groups with different hook numbers to be positioned at the RHS can be defined at the control for specific programmes.


The advantages at a glance

  • Appliance easy to operate and adjust
  • Efficient hanging
  • To be used for artificial and natural casings
  • Can be attached to all filling machines of series
    RVF 400 S, RVF 700 and RVF 911
  • Short set-up times, efficient work
  • Clipping off is gentle on the casing, resulting in fewer rejects


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