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REX RVF + RKS 85 + RSS 70

REX RVF + RKS 85 + RSS 70

Compatible and ubiquitous

The RSS 70 is easy to operate "in-line" in conjunction with the REX calibration system RKS 85. In doing so, the fully-automatic process after the twist-off is very profitable and it increases the performance.

The control can also be synchronised with the filling machine control. As a result, this facilitates the handling and monitoring of the overall plant in the "in-line" process. The large touch-screen control is comfortable to operate and ensures simple programming on the RSS 70 or directly on the vacuum filler.


All models in the RVF 400 S and RVF 700 series have and “in-line” connection option.



The advantages at a glance

  • A design that surpasses all hygienic requirements
  • Very simple operation due to comfortable touchscreen control
  • Modern servo-drive concept for maximum cutting performance
  • Up to 1,500 cuts/min
  • All artificial or natural sausage casings
  • Short set-up times, efficient work


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