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REX RVF 460 & 460 S - Vacuum Filler

REX RVF 460 & 460 S - Vacuum Filler

The all-rounder for all sizes of busines


The RVF 460 fulfills all the requirements of the meat processing industry. Its smooth surface, hygienically designed, space-saving machine housing is self-supporting and entirely made out of stainless steel.


The reinforced model of the large rotary vane conveyor system guarantees highest portioning accuracy for a maximum service life. No crushing or smearing: It ensures all kind of emulsions transported gently, especially with larger pieces of meat or raw sausage applications. The rotary vane conveyor system is available with eight, 12 or 14 vanes, alternatively also with blind vanes. A simple pressure levelling piston ensures highest portioning accuracy.


Thanks to the newly developed lifting device, the hopper of the RVF 400 - available in different sizes - can be filled simply and without any mess.

  • 100 litre folding hopper
  • 160 litre folding hopper
  • 250 litre folding hopper
  • 350 litre folding hopper


The impressive standard 12” touchscreen control makes the machine easy to operate, thanks to its large-sized control elements. Both the RVF 436 and the RVF 436 S are designed to be suitable for all applications, e.g. for operating clipping machines, REX hanging lines and attachments.


The tried-and-tested "REX Servo drive" rounds off the innovative control concept. The optional case holding device makes it easy to twist artificial and natural casings.


The advantages at a glance

  • Large rotary vane conveyor system for gentle transport
  • Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning
  • „S“ variant with servo-twisting drive
  • Folding hopper variants: 100 L, 160 L, 250 L und 350 L
  • Lifting/tipping device for 120- and 200-litre standard lifting trucks
  • Very simple operation thanks to 12“ touchscreen control


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