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scansteel Belt Conveyor Solutions

scansteel Belt Conveyor Solutions

scansteel foodtech supplies a wide range of belt conveyors, all designed to customer specifications, as well as a range of standard conveyors. scansteel foodtech also manufactures belt conveyors with metal detector.


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  • Belt Conveyor Technical Specifications

    The conveyor is produced in glass bead peened stainless steel for operation in wet and harsh environments.
    The conveyor is equipped with:


    Belt Type:
    Side Guides: 
    Reject System: 

    Sprockets Ø160 mm.
    Volta belt type equipped with flights: (height: 150 mm, space between flights 900 mm).
    Removable side guides on each side(150 mm side guides).
    Belt stop.
    Right – Left (seen from the operator’s side).
    At metal detection, the belt will stop, and an alarm will warn the operator to remove the contaminated product.
    The metal detector is mounted on a separate frame to avoid vibrations from the frozen blocks and thus ensuring a higher sensitivity.



  • Metal Detector Technical Specifications

    The metal detector is produced in glass bead peened stainless steel. The materials and the design are specially designed for installations in wet areas and in environments with varying temperatures. The metal detector has a user-friendly modern microprocessor control with a simple keyboard and an easy-to-read display. The controls of the metal detector allow precise calibration of the detector for each product, and each calibration is easily stored in the memory that holds 100 different programs.

    • Super Sensitive Software.
    • Electrical connection: 220V/1 PH/60 Hz.
    Expected Sensitivity:
    Frozen meat blocks.
    Approx. -15°C/5°F.
    3 mm FE sphere in neutral product.
    3.5 mm Non FE sphere in neutral product.
    4 mm SS sphere in neutral product.
    Incl. 2 sets of test sticks for each size.


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