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scansteel SSM

scansteel SSM

Single Shaft Mixers – From 250 Litres – 12,000 Litres

scansteel foodtech supplies a full range of Mixers and Mixer/Grinders for the global food processing industry as well as the global pet food industry. The scansteel foodtech Mixer and Mixer/Grinder programme will meet ALL your requirements to mixing and grinding. Our range goes from Single Shaft and Twin Shaft Mixers to Twin Shaft Mixers either with Vacuum or with Grinder unit with a wide range of optional extras such as, but not limited to: Heating and/or cooling functionality.


scansteel foodtech Mixers – whether Standard TSM type or Intermeshing TSMI type are extremely versatile and meet almost any product application, you might require,
such as:

  • Sausage pre-blends/pre-mixes.
  • Hamburger and patty pre-blends.
  • Poultry nuggets – lean and extended recipes.
  • Pizza topping and dry sausage blends.
  • Meat standardization.
  • Ham tumbling and vacuumizing.
  • Heating / cooking / cooling.
  • Pet food pre-blends for wet as well as dry pet food applications.
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