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scansteel TSMIG

scansteel TSMIG

Twin Shaft Mixer/Grinder Intermeshing  – From 200 Litres – 12,000 Litres


Two mixing wings positioned at two different heights from floor level. 250 Litres to 7,500 Litres mixing container volumes. The square-shaped mixing container contributes to scansteel foodtech’s very short mixing times. 1 unit frequency converter controls the mixing wing speed (depending on the customer specifications). Please note that the scansteel foodtech TSMI Intermeshing Mixer is equipped with 2 (two) mixing wing directions: For gentle mixing to intensive stirring. Two outlet gates for fast discharge or, alternatively, one large centre discharge gate. Vacuum version (V) for control of pre-mix density, curing/tumbling, and protein extraction.


The scansteel foodtech Twin Shaft Mixers Intermeshing with Vacuum are ideal for mixing applications that require air evacuation prior to emulsifying, filling/stuffing, or forming. With cooling, it is also ideal for (heavy) extended products such as meat balls, luncheon meat, and patties. The unique mixing action with high peripheral wing speed gives superior protein extraction, uniform distribution of spices, additives and liquids, and provides efficient salt activation of the salt soluble meat proteins (protein extraction).

  • Applications

    • Sausage pre-blends/pre-mixes.
    • Hamburger and patty pre-blends.
    • Poultry nuggets – lean and extended recipes.
    • Pizza topping and dry sausage blends.
    • Meat standardization.
    • Ham tumbling and vacuumizing.
    • Heating / cooking / cooling.
    • Pet food pre-blends for wet as well as dry pet food applications.
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