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Smoke Sticks

Smoke Sticks

  • Star-profile in different executions
  • Length 900 oder 1000 mm
  • Variant qualities (weights)
  • Smooth, one-side notched or all-side notched version
  • Hygiene-version (Hygienic-Design), high gloss polished in 3 versions available


RS-A 900Aluminium40.00.01.01
RS-A 1000Aluminium40.00.01.00
RS-E 900Stainless steel40.00.01.15
RS-E 900 notchedStainless steel40.00.01.44
RS-E 1000Stainless steel40.00.01.05
RS-E 1000 notchedStainless steel40.00.01.45
RS-E 1000 with 5
Stainless steel40.00.01.06
RS-HD1-900Stainless steel40.00.01.59
RS-HD1-1000Stainless steel40.00.01.42
RS-HD2-900Stainless steel40.00.01.60
RS-HD2-1000Stainless steel40.00.01.48
RS-HD3-900Stainless steel40.00.01.61
RS-HD3-1000Stainless steel40.00.01.47
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