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Titan 200 Slicer

Titan 200 Slicer

Designed and engineered in New Zealand, the Titan 200 Slicer delivers cutting-edge food processing technology in a surprisingly compact machine.


With a brief of delivering the biggest throat possible within the smallest possible footprint, the Titan 200 packs all the features of the larger models into a compact unit with an equally small price tag. Exceptional quality and unmatched value in mid-range processing – the Titan 200 Slicer is unmatched in its market.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Slicing aperture capacity – 160mm high x 380mm wide
    • Features a Servo driven ball-screw gripper
    • Automatic product load/auto-gripper/automatic end waste removal
    • Auto tension of product while slicing
    • Maximum product length 917mm (standard config.)
    • Universal gripper feed chute supplied as standard. Optional input chutes include a clamp chute for fish and other non-uniform products
    • Blade diameter 350mm
    • Twin motor orbital blade system independently controls head and blade speeds for accurate slicing on even the most demanding products over a wide temperature range
    • Slicing speed 40 to 400 head rpm
    • Slice thickness 0.5 – 20mm (with some variance per product)
    • Maximum blade speed 2000rpm
    • 100 auto program settings via touch screen operator control
    • Blade sharpener
    • Crafted from easy-clean stainless steel
    • Portioning conveyor counter for slices in-group, stacked or shingled
    • Suits for processing a wide range of products including bacon, ham, luncheon, salami, pepperoni, roast beef, chicken, cheese and fish
    • Single person operation
    • Thermoplastic (easy clean) conveyor approved by USDA/ FDA and NSF.
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