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Titan TSLCIP - Mobile Cleaning-in-Place

Titan TSLCIP - Mobile Cleaning-in-Place

The physical and micro-biological cleaning of pipelines and equipment is essential in the food, pharmaceutical and other processing industries. Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) allows hygienic cleaning between process runs, by the circulation of liquid cleaning solutions, without dismantling the system and its component parts.


Titan’s TSLCIP series of industrial, mobile CIP units cover the whole range from elementary hand-operated equipment to sophisticated, fully automatic systems. They are all ready to-plug-in solutions, designed to the latest standards.


They offer optimal performance in a compact, maneuverable design.


As well as Titan’s wide range of standard, modular CIP’s, other units can be tailor-made to meet our customers’ specific requirements.


Many optional extras can be integrated into the standard unit.


Some examples: protecting cover, fixed construction, insulation, air compressor, manhole, vent, automatic dosing unit, recorders for monitoring and traceability of the cleaning process, air handling and/or self-priming scavenge pump, etc.


As well as Titan’s wide range of standards and options, the TSL mobile CIP units can be tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

  • Technical Specifications

    • 300-liter vessel made of heavy duty, cold rolled (2B) stainless steel plate, fully pickled and passivated. The TSLCIP is also available without vessel or with a second tank for recovery of cleaning
    • Solid handle in stainless steel
    • Stainless steel cover, protecting the heart of the system
    • Water Supply: threaded brass, solenoid valves for the supply of cold and hot water, and a connection for the recycling of the cleaning solution
    • Manhole: opening for inspection and cleaning
    • Electrical heating elements of e.g. 2 x 7.5 kW allow heating from 20–60°C in one hour. A temperature limit switch is included
    • Sensor for permanent temperature control
    • Pressure transducer system for the accurate and continuous measurement of the liquid level in the tank
    • Opening for complete drainage
    • Stainless steel control panel complying to EN 60204-1, IP55 with integrated PLC
    • Quick reacting, sanitary, stainless steel butterfly valves with pneumatic actuators
    • EHEDG-certified, stainless steel centrifugal pump type Titan TSLCIP FP2 with overload and dry run protection for CIP-delivery to the system. A CIP-return pump – the TSLCIP CRP2 or SCP2 – can be easily integrated into the system
    • Orbital welded stainless-steel pipelines
    • Electrical supply (3 x 400 V, 50 Hz in standard)
    • Couplings: suitable pipe work connections for supply, return and drainage
    • Supply of compressed air: quick coupling for the supply of compressed air. If no compressed air is available a compressor can be added to the system
    • Dosing pumps: automatically controlled peristaltic pumps transport cleaning agents via flexible hoses
    • Dosing point: dosing of cleaning agents into the water occurs in the vessel.
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