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REX UFM 300-5 - Universal Forming Machine

REX UFM 300-5 - Universal Forming Machine

The perfect “home-made” burger

The new UFM 300-5 hamburger shaper is the optimal machine-based solution for producing hamburgers using the low-pressure process. The pneumatic form cutter directly linked to the REX filling machine cuts the portions, which are placed on the conveyor belt. The portions are then pressed into perfect “home-made” burgers via the form belt with optimal dimensional stability. The water spraying unit prevents the product sticking to the blade or conveyor belts. An optional imprint roller can be mounted to the end of the conveyor belt to structure the burger surface.


Optional UV sterilisation for the FB 300 conveyor belt guarantees the highest possible level of bacterial eradication thus enhancing hygiene standards, giving machine suitability in high risk environments.


An attachment for producing cevapcici is also available.


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