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WEBOMATIC Drying Unit DU 60 / DU 80

WEBOMATIC Drying Unit DU 60 / DU 80

Our dryers DU 60 and DU 80 dry shrink packs thoroughly and gently.This means they are immediately ready for the next steps such as weighing, labelling and cartoning.  Of course, the dryers can be seamlessly connected to the matching STCW 60 or STCW 80 shrink tunnels and also run in efficient continuous operation. Like the shrink tunnels, the dryers in the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign are designed for direct water drainage. The unit is easy to operate and clean, the side channel compressor is easy to reach and the conveyor belt can be easily removed. The PLC controls the two movable dryer nozzles above the product contour at an optimum distance from the surface, thus protecting the product.


For use within a complete WEBOMATIC line, our shrink tunnels and dryers are therefore available in the pure line version without touch screen (STCW 60-L and STCW 80-L as well as DU 60-L and DU 80-L).
The touchscreen versions of the shrink tunnel and dryer (STCW 60-T and STCW 80-T as well as DU 60-T and DU 80-T) are independent of the upstream line. As a practical addition to the chamber machine with shrink tunnel and dryer, the CB 60 and CB 80 conveyor belts complete your line. Take a look here at possible assembly variants for your packaging line.


More information via WEBOMATIC.

  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Data DU 60

    Machine size: 1,600 x 1,253 x 1,442 mm (W x D x H)
    max. product size: 550 x 270 mm
    max. product weight: 70 kg
    Control: DU 60-L: in line
    DU 60-T: on separate touch screen

    Technical data DU 80

    Machine size: 1,600 x 1,453 x 1,442 mm (W x D x H)
    max. product size: 750 x 270 mm
    max. product weight: 100 kg
    Control: DU 80-L: in line
    DU 80-T: on separate touchscreen
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