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WEBOMATIC Shrink Tank ST 40

WEBOMATIC Shrink Tank ST 40

The shrink tank ST 40 processes all types of shrink bags and is suitable for a wide variety of foodstuffs – the ideal complement to vacuum chamber machines. The ST 40 can optionally be equipped with a fume extractor, side product trays or a practical roller table. This simplifies product handling and the machine can be integrated into a small shrink line.


The first manual shrink tank in the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® processes all types of shrink bags and is suitable for a wide variety of foods – the ideal complement to vacuum chamber machines. With its inward running basin edges, easy cleaning and hygienic residual water flow of the ST 40 is ensured. The special design and an additional service door guarantee thorough external cleaning and quick and easy maintenance.


The lateral hose connection with water inlet enables an effortless water supply, while a drainage system prevents overflow. The water temperature can be set precisely, quickly and above all easily thanks to the digital display and control technology and then regulated automatically. The water level can be measured and controlled directly with the aid of the water level sensor and an optical marking inside the basin. The diving process is initiated by a new type of button, which also signals the readiness for use (green) or the need for control (red) by easily recognisable flashing.


More information via WEBOMATIC.

  • Technical Specifications

    version: stainless steel, stainless, double-walled, insulated
    Machine size: 700 x 620 x 850 mm (W x D x H)
    Diving platform dimensions: 400 x 600 mm (W x D)
    Weight: approx. 85 kg
    Max. Product weight 25 Kg
    Water content 70 L
    Water connection available
    Pulse power 6 cycles/min
    Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases, PE
    Electric power 9.3 kW
    Protection 16 A
    Compressed air not necessary
  • Options

    Electric heating
    Electric motor driven immersion support
    fume extractor hood
    Roller dip support
    Electronically controlled water temperature with digital display
    PP-insulation balls for energy saving and avoidance of steam formation
    Water drain tap 1″
    Steering castors with stainless steel hub and locking direction
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