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The fully automatic Traysealer TL 650 in the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® convinces especially with the packaging of medium and high packaging capacities in trays.


Fast tool change and Protude-Skin with up to 90mm product height in the tray required? Or would you prefer to create either skin or MAP packaging with the same tool? With WEBOMATIC SCC, the production shift can be completed on the same machine without having to switch to another line, even in the event of a malfunction or failure of a sealing unit.


The award-winning tray sealer TL 650 sets the benchmark of professional automated tray packaging for ever increasing output requirements. High efficiency, larger tray sizes, and reliable output suit this machine for most tasks of growing and edium enterprises.


More information via WEBOMATIC.

  • Technical Specifications

    External machine dimensions: 4.585 x 1.090 x 1.685 mm (W x D x H)
    Tray materials: e.g. PP, EPS, A-PET, C-PET, rPET, PLA, cardboard and paper-based trays, aluminium
    Max. tray formats: MONO: 590 x 325 x 120 mm (L x W)
    DUO: 590 x 150 x 120 mm (L x W)
    Max. tray depth: 120 mm
    Control unit: Mitsubishi PLC
    Capacity: 18 cycles/min (only sealing)
    10-12 cycles/min (vacuum or MAP)
    Vacuum pump: External
    Top film width: max. 380 mm
    Film transport: Servo
    Packaging types: Sealing, MAP, Protrude-skin, Pseudo-skin
    Film roll diameter: max. 350 mm
    Contour cutting: Outside cut, Inside cut, Peel-tap


  • Options

    • – WEBOMATIC Servo-drive technology (SDT)
    • – Duo-Verions
    • – WEBOMATIC Twin-Use
    • – WEBOMATIC Single Cavity Control (SCC)
    • – skin packaging variations
    • – die set trolley
    • – die set rack
    • – photo cell / print mark control for printed top film
    • – user identification pins
    • – communication module for remote diagnosis and maintenance
    • – separator
    • – gas mixing unit
    • – preheating
    • – other peripheral devices upon request, e.g. tray denester, dosing system, labeling systems, lid application, etc.
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